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Darling Digital creates a legitimate Google My Business page to move the landing pages up in Primary Search, Maps Search and Image Search.  A daily Google Regimen delivers content, relevant to your perfect customers search, to Google for indexing to all Google properties. 


Track Your ROI  Every Month With:

  • Google Search Position Reporting
  • Web -Traffic Reporting
  • Phone Traffic Reporting
  • Views on All Search Board Reporting


Attached to each of our Moblie Web pages are click to call HTML buttons.  These links will deliver these live leads to a phone system, included, where a live voice recording directs the lead to make one of four choices.  When your phone rings from the lead, you'll get notification in the "caller id" so you know another lead is coming in. 

Darling Digital Small Business Solutions
More Categories - more views - more clicks - more calls = + Sales

WELCOME TO The Resource 4 Project

Using Google to Propel Your Profession
More Categories, Views, Clicks & Calls = + Sales.

Multiply your exposure and divide your costs.

The Resource 4 Project is an online presence propelled by Google to drive new opportunities to your phone and email inbox.
We include your profession or business along with other related businesses, provide a phone system, menu, websites and daily Google management.  

Find related professionals or businesses to make this a collaboration with you. 


  • Google My Business Profile
  • Website Optimized For Mobile
  • Phone System with Live Recorded Menu
  • Easily Recognized Inbound Calls with Caller ID.
  • Lead Collection To your Chosen Email

When we have your team together, we create a durable landing page, connected to a complete domain or sub domain,  These websites contain two content boxes for each professional or business featured on the page to drive leads to your email box or make your designated phone number ring. 

If you would like to find out more about my Resource 4 program,  please fill out the form... If you include a phone number, I'll call you.  If not, you will receive an email. 
Thank you, Craig. 
If you're on a mobile device, just click the phone number to call. 

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